Cardboard Pre-shredder

The Cardboard pre-shredder is a newly developed piece of equipment designed for both new compactors or as a bolt-on addition to your existing Stationary or Integrated Auger and Blade style compactors. Ideally suited for those applications where the likelihood of cardboard bridging or jamming is identified as a potential problem due to the nature of the product whether it be very large cardboard boxes or large flat sheets of heavy duty cardboard. The pre-shredder is specifically designed to break-down the cardboard shredding it into small pieces totally removing the possibility of bridging. In addition, when doing so it also creates greater density and therefore greater payloads per bin. This increases effective capacity by up to 80%.



Model: BPS.33-50
Main Frame: 1700mm x 1500mm x 350mm
Drive Shafts: 2025mm x 100mm x 10 HT TUBE
Torque Arms: 20mm PLATE
Gearbox: Bevel Gears
Cutters (Straight): 7-off 12mm THK. HT STEEL PLATE
Cutters (Angled): 6-off 12mm THK. HT STEEL PLATE
Electrical: 3 Phase 4 pole 415 Volt 50hz
Electric Motors: 3kw 4 pole 415 Volt 50hz
Unit Weight: 825 kgs