Dewatering Unit

Model: DWC15-A-70
The Pakmor Single Auger Dewatering Unit is specifically designed for dewatering large volumes of waste material. The machine can be used for both Dewatering and or Product Destruction. An Auger turns, crushing and forcing waste into screened squeezing chamber. The chamber discharge is restricted by a rotating cone shaped door, this rotating door is hydraulically energized maintaining constant pressure against the waste. When the waste reaches sufficient compaction, it forces the liquid in the waste to leach out through small holes in the screens. Dry material passes by the rotating cone. The DWC15-A-70 Dewatering Machine is ideal separating liquid from packaging such as cartons, plastic containers. The machine can also be used for removing liquid from wet sludge. Screen size, Loading Hoppers, Bin Lifters, cycle times, etc are all customised to suit site requirements.



Auger Diameter: 700mm
Auger Speed: 8rpm
Motor Drive: 15kw
Hydraulic Power:3kw
Power Supply: 415volt, 3phase, 32amp, 5pin