Email Notification

PAKMOR is always leading the way in developing and bringing new products and offerings to compliment its range of equipment. The introduction of SMS Technology is a perfect example.


We have more than 150 compactors currently in service throughout Australia equipped with SMS Technology. The system was initially developed in 2009 and has a proven track record in reporting "3/4 Full"  and "Bin Full" status emails to customers and end users.

It is also used to determine machine faults & breakdowns, with the ability to send email alerts to nominated recipients when a machine has a fault. Pakmor use it to make remote changes and adjustments that may be required to the settings in the compactor; altering cycle times, 3/4 Full and Full maximum and minimum settings and other adjustments that would  normally require a technician to attend the compactor on-site to alter.

It will even notify of a complete power failure with the optional UPS battery backup.

For further details and information please don’t hesitate to contact us.