RamJet Self-Contained Compactors

Marathon Engineering

Marathon’s RJ-100SC self-contained compactor/container makes handling wet or dry waste simple. It is easy to load from both the ground and dock levels. In addition, a hopper can be used to double or triple the loading capacity. Waste can be fed continuously while the unit is cycling. The 22-ton (19,958 kg) plus crushing power of the RJ-100SC will reduce your refuse to a fraction of its original size. The universal double-end pickup and dock-friendly design make the RJ-100SC ideal for dock-fed applications. Other features include fire hose connections on each unit, hinge grease fittings, and ground and guide rollers.


The P-shaped Door Seal is specially designed for portable compaction containers to provide a superior watertight closure. The mounting is engineered for quick and easy installation when replacement is necessary, requiring no field fitting, cutting, or welding.

Double-Hinge with Bronze Bushing

Every RJ-100SC is tested for watertightness before leaving the factory. Liquid retention is ensured by the Marathon’s Double-Hinge. It creates uniform seal compression while eliminating the seal “scrubbing” and damage so often encountered with competitive designs. The Double-Hinge also saves expensive driver and truck time because only one easy-to-operate ratchet makes it work.

Bubble Gate and Auto Relatch

The innovative “Bubble Gate” adds a full cubic yard to container capacity. Superior compaction ratios result from its special curved shape. These two unique benefits reduce costs of disposal. The ultimate in latch systems, Marathon’s "Auto Relatch" eliminates the need to hold the door while operating the latch ratchet. This design enables the operator to use both hands on the ratchet.



Charge Box Capacity

[Mfr. Rating]: 1.5 cu yd / 1.15 m3
[WASTEC Rating]: 1.32 cu yd / 1.00 m3
Clear Top Opening: 35"L x 60"W / 889mm x 1524mm

Performance Characteristics

Cycle Time: 37 sec
Total Normal Force: 36,300 lbs / 161 kN
Total Maximum Force: 45,200 lbs / 201 kN
Normal Ram Face Pressure: 20.9 psi
Maximum Ram Face Pressure: 26 psi
Ram Penetration: 6.5" / 165mm

Electrical Equipment

Electric Motor 3/60/230-460: 10 hp / 7.5kW
Electric Control Voltage: 120 VAC
Panel Box Assembly
UL® and CUL® Listed: Key Operated 120 VAC
All Circuits Fused: 2-Button Station Start/Stop

Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulic Pump: 10 gpm / 38 L/min
Normal Pressure: 1850 psi / 128 bar
Maximum Pressure: 2300 psi / 159 bar
Hydraulic Cylinders (2)
- Bore:
5" / 127mm
- Rod: 2.5" / 64mm