RJ-275 Series Stationary Compactors

RJ-275 Compactor

Marathon's Ramjet RJ-275 is your best 2.5 cubic yard capacity compactor value. Built for reliable performance in commercial and medium industrial applications, it effectively reduces solid waste material to a fraction of its original size. It features a 60-second cycle time and a powerful 55,100 pounds (24,993 kg) of compaction force.

Engineered for Durability

The RJ-275 is stress-engineered for durability. This means the strength is where it belongs– like the half-inch charge box floor reinforced with five heavy-duty steel channels, the half-inch plate ram face backed with 10-inch (254mm) plus 6-inch (152mm) structural channels, and the extra rugged reinforced sides.



Charge Box Capacity

[Mfr. Rating]: 2.5 cu. yd / 1.91 m3
[NSWMA Rating]: 2.05 cu. yd / 1.57 m3
Clear Top Opening: (L x W) 60" x 54" / 1524mm x 1372mm


Cycle Time: 60 sec
Total Normal Force 46,700 lbs / 21,183 kg
Total Pack-Out Force 55,100 lbs / 24,993 kg
Normal Ram Face Force 26.8 psi / 185 kPa
Pack-Out Ram Face Force 31.7 psi / 219 kPa
Ram Penetration 13" / 330mm

Electrical Equipment

Electrical Motor 3/60-208/230/460: 10 hp / 7.5 kw
Electrical Control Voltage: 120 VAC
UL® and CUL® Listed Panel Box: NEMA Type, All Circuits Fused
2 Button Controls: Keylock Start/Stop

Hydraulic Equipment

Pump Capacity: 13 gpm / 49.2 liters/min
Normal Pressure: 1,650 psi / 114 bar
Maximum Pressure: 1,950 psi / 134 bar
Hydraulic Cylinder (Bore): 6" / 152mm
Hydraulic Cylinder (Rod): 4" / 102mm
Hydraulic Cylinder (Stroke): 68" / 1,727mm
Reservoir Capacity: 20 gal / 76L
Weight: 5,875 lbs / 2,665 kg