Stationary Blade Compactor - SP7890

Model: SP7890
The Pakmor Stationary Blade Compactor is specifically designed for compacting and transporting large volumes waste materials. As a Stationary Compactor the machine is best suited for dry waste such as paper, cardboard, plastic, shrink wrap etc.
The machine is suited for loading either side at ground level or from the front off a loading dock. The SP7890 is driven with a 15kw hydraulic power unit. The Compaction Blade will reciprocate back and forth in the horizontal compaction chamber forcing waste into the collection body with the forward stroke.
The compaction blade is fitted with nylon wear strips to prevent metal running on metal in the compaction chamber, increasing the life of the machine. Loading Hoppers, Doors, Chutes, Bin Lifters, cycle time, eye starting etc. are all customised to suit customer and site requirements.



Bin Capacity: 10-60 cubic metre
Charging Capacity: 3 cubic metre
ChamberOpening: 1800(W)x1400(L)
Cylinder Bore: Ø175mm
Cylinder Force: 50,000 Kg
Hydraulic Pressure: 136 Bar
Motor on Power Unit: 7.5 kw
Power Supply: 415volt, 3phase, 32amp, 5pin