Stationary Rollapak

Model: RPS-1.4-700
The PakMor Rollapak is a machine designed specifically for compacting large volumes of bulky items. The machine utilizes a heavy spiked wheel to drive over waste inside an open top container to crush waste materials. The wheel is attached to a hydraulic arm used to raise and lower the wheel in and out of the open top container. The Rollapak is the ideal machine for reducing the volume of large cardboard boxes or timber pallets and crates. As the wheel travels back and forth is crushes and breaks up material in the container. The Pakmor Rollapak is available in two model “RP” for operating in a straight line with one and the “RPS” model that can slew between up to four containers positioned at 90 degree intervals around the base of the machine.



Open Container: 35-60 cubic metre
Roller Weight: 1400kg
Roller Diameter: 1000mm
Roller Speed: 6rpm
Travel length: 6500mm
Motor power unit: 7.5kw
Power Supply: 415volt, 3phase, 25amp, 5pin