Weighing System

The Diade weighing systems are extremely versatile and customisable to suit virtually any customer/site specific needs. The screen is a 10.4" touch-screen panel, which will replace our existing control panel, and have the ability and functionality to weigh, record, report, store customer-by-customer and operate the compactor and lifter via swipe and/or pin number, customer name or number, however you want it set up.


The Compactor is operated via the 10.4" touch screen instead of conventional switches, keys and buttons. The screen will display all relevant safety information and prompt users on the screen for things such as what to do next, i.e. load bin, close door, door open check, etc. The compactor will be operated also via touch screen, i.e. the start/stop, forward/reverse, auto/manual, lifter up/down will all be touchpad operated and controlled, basically like your typical tablet, i.e. iPad screen all controlled via touch function.

The emergency stop button will remain as a stand-alone red button clearly marked for safety and emergency stopping of the machine as required.



500MHz processor
128MB flash memory
10.4" colour display with touchscreen
Ethernet 10/100 output
WiFi connection option
2 I/O 24V ac/dc
1 memory card expansion slot: SD Card, Compact Flash
3 expansion slots (scales, serial ports, I/O, fieldbus, etc)
12VDC, 110-230VAC power with external power supply
EC approved up to 6,000 divisions - Multidivision and Multirange version (3x3000 or 2x4000)
OIML certificate
NTEP approved